Let's Wednesday together

Have everything on at all times. GPS, Bluetooth, torch… why the hell not?


shrug Some days I keep it in flight mode most of the day so I don’t get bothered.

Hit up the Marischal College. Awesome building that is constantly mythologised about Hitler wanting it as his base or some shit (that I even helpfully perpetuated) but actually it is where I got married.

Going to see Booksmart and then fly to Primavera. A good day.


More nightmares last night, dunno what’s going on atm.

A very standard day ahead, might treat myself to an early finish and go for a walk if the weather brightens up.

Dunno, didn’t used to but living in a new city means I’m still constantly needing directions for stuff. Also apps that track your distance for fitness use it I suppose. I get 24 hours out of my phone with it on though!


I’m at the airport.
If I die I loved you all

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And my official last words are -

Be excellent to each other


there’s a phlegm piece at the junction of union street and holburn street, it’s a belter


that’s a banksy mate

Morning all. One day closer to the weekend. Another busy day, but they’re the ones that go quickly, so it’s all good.

Had a panic last night when I went to check in for our flights for our upcoming holiday and the other half couldn’t find her passport. That was a fun half hour. Thankfully it turned up after not too much searching. It could have been an expensive last minute trip up to London otherwise.

I’ve got a nice run of things to look forward to for the rest of this week - gig tonight, gig tomorrow, my sister coming to visit on Friday, Jimbo’s birthday on Saturday. Woo!

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Got an email from our landlord with a £50 amazon voucher, “thanks for being great tenants!” we’re being kicked out, aren’t we?


nah. Probably just a £100 a month rent increase


I am WFH.
I just ignore all foods I’m not supposed to eat and have been absolutely done by last nights take away curry. Whole house smells of farts.


Just sending my family and friends Pusheen emojis to say goodbye.

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seeing spencer krug later, bit wary of shepherds bush since some children stole my chocolate bar

Why did I eat noting but beans on toast and blackbean enchiladas the day before catching a flight?


Oh my gosh, I couldn’t be further from the toilets. Literally at a window seat over the wing

Plane farts are the worst, both if you’re a giver or receiver