Letterboxd vs icheckmovies - which is better?

I have an account on both, and actually switched to Letterboxd a while ago but completely forgot about it so spent ages yesterday updating my icheckmovies profile instead.

Anyone have any strong or even moderate opinions on this at all?

well that depends. what the hell are they?


I prefer icheckmovies because I keep forgetting what I want to see. Letterboxd seems to be more for the drone on self-importantly about films crowd.

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well if it helps, icheckmovies is a shit name so i’d go with the other one

Very accurate description of what it’s for though

It seems more people I know are on Letterboxd and I have a better username there. HMMM.

i spend like 30 minutes going through them sometimes and then completely forget about them again for 6 months

do either of them have an app yet? they should have an app

Oh. I was hoping this was going to be one of theo’s aspect ratio threads.

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as if theo needs to ask us anything about aspect ratios

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Just get Kodi like everybody else and stop throwing your money away.

I like Leterboxd as I’m a dweeb and like the lists and keeping track of what I’ve watched. The reviews give IMDB a run for their money with their inane-ness at times, though.