Anyone here use Letterboxd?

I like films, I like organisation, and I like lists of things, so I’m all of this.

the film threads are like 90% people posting letterboxd stats now
I quite like it but would be more interesting if it gave recommendations and showed you your stats by country and genre etc

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yeah it is stupid, signed up expecting it to be good for recommendations, but apparently recommendations are against their philosophy

I am Stephenf

I’ll probably do some reviews and lists and shit at some point. For now I’m trying to remember every film I’ve ever seen, which is tricky.

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It me

I like it, although haven’t looked at it for a few months tbh.

I find the ‘Showdowns’ are decent for picking up recommendations, although a lot of the same films do tend to get repeated.

Now I am… already sucked in to rating every film I’ve ever seen. There goes my Sunday…

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Hello gang…

how do you use it?

i log the films i watch but don’t do anything else on it. don’t write reviews or read reviews or anything

(@japes on there btw)

Just started logging films I’ve seen, nothing else. It’s a nice reminder, made me go back and re-watch a few things I hadn’t thought about in years.

Back when it started I used to try and write a review for everything I watched, but I’d often toil over the review for longer than I’d watched the film. I was also fairly involved in the community but then as more users joined, a lot of infighting began and my favourite users left for different reasons.

These days I mostly just log the date and rate the film more for my own benefit than for any community interaction.

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at first i just ticked ‘watched’ for the ones i had seen but that doesn’t give you those juicy stats

so from last year i started ‘logging’ them so it gives you the date you watched them and all that

just fyi anyone that just started using it

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Hiya. Think I follow you all anyway.

Started 2021 by adding reviews to everything I watched in 2020 and will continue going forward!

Don’t think I’d understood what the difference was between watching and logging

There’s like 8 stats posts per monthly thread

I watch, score, and add to lists (one for everything I’ve watched that year, one for new releases from that year) but nothing else

ATWhite also on there