Letters to theo



ie computer problems

hi theo. i’ve compressed a 12.8Mb folder with winrar and it’s only gone down to 12.7Mb

a) why
2) how do i make it smaller

thank you in advance, your pal


I thought this was a play on Letters to Cleo and we were going to have a pun thread


Fuck’s sake got Finch stuck in my head now, prick


it was


Some files are more efficiently compressed than others


What came first: the thread title, or the content?


The files in your folder were probably already in a compressed format - mp3, png, gif, jpg, jar or something on those lines.

Oh and 2) delete the files. You’ll get the size down to practically nothing.


tell you what, i’m not content with the size of these fucking files


some files are more efficiently compressed than other files’ mothers.


how do i send big jay pegs then


Are they jpegs of a dog? If so then just email the person and say “it’s a picture of a dog”.


Upload them to dropbox and share the link?

(You can open each one individually in a decent graphics program and set the compression ratio to something higher, winzip/winrar won’t do anything for you.)


Use wetransfer. You can’t really compress jpegs, they’re already compressed. Same goes for other compressed file types.

Wetransfer ftw.



don’t you find it annoying when people assume you love, are into and responsible for anything that’s related to IT?

(not saying you’re doing this japes)


I’d just post them to big jay’s address.

(this is the response you wanted, wasn’t it)


it’s pictures of a bell end machine. not even joking.


(even though you are)


his picture is of an evil AI robot, he handles some of the techy bits on the forum, and I believe he works for Maplins.

Bet he loves it.



hi theo

burrito next week?

can do any lunch apart from mon and thurs