you ever been?

you might have passed through going to st andrews


Been to the train station many, many times.


Incredibly: yes.


great stuff team.

think we can call this thread a success.


would you like more detail?


Travel on Saturday 08 January 2011

Departs Arrives By Reservations
07:47 - reading station 11:44 - york Train (CROSSCOUNTRY) Coach: C Seat: 08A
12:29 - york 16:00 - leuchars Train (EAST COAST) Coach: F Seat: 26A


Travel on Sunday 09 January 2011

Departs Arrives By Reservations
13:15 - leuchars 15:58 - newcastle Train (EAST COAST) Coach: G Seat: 11A
16:18 - newcastle 21:09 - reading station Train (CROSSCOUNTRY) Coach: C Seat: 20A


why did you go to leuchars


to see my friend who lived there

she is a gardener and i got really drunk and sung kanye west very loudly

i met a good dog


Used to provide IT support to the RAF base there. Never been, obvs.


i also had quite a bad hangover for the train back and remember that meant i made poor choices when selected snacks for the 8 hour train journey


Sounds like a boring Scottish ale… :wink:


obviously? 3/5 of the people in this thread have been, mate

I assume this ratio is applicable across the whole site / population


As much as I love Scottish ale for its clear superiority over English muck, I don’t have a kind word to say about Deuchars. So, so dull.


You don’t get much down here, do you? I mean I’d be happy to try more Scottish ales but there’s Deuchars and I think one other I’ve seen about by probably the same brewery.


No, not really. It’s annoying. My gf is a grudging convert to Scottish beers, so it’s not just me being a jingoistic twat.

Although I will go out of my way to order any Scottish beer on tap, even if it’s Deuchars or by Belhaven, i.e. shite.

I think Spoons does a Scottish beer week, usually around St Andrews day, but then you have to go to a Spoons.


deuchers is alright. safe fall back option.


It’s got all the characteristics of a standard Scottish beer without actually managing to be any good. It’s kind of impressive.


I am okay with going to a Spoons. There’s one up in Highgate village that I think @plasticniki has been to that is basically the poshest Spoons I’ve yet seen.


Lexiter, eh?


i have not


i’ve never been to devon