l'eve du wednesdoi

gonna sink a couple beers and watch Die Hard 4.



I’m watching the electric wizards. When that’s finished I’ll probably stay on the sofa and stare at the ceiling for a bit.


I’m going to write a complaint to my old landlord and then play super mario cats until I fall asleep circa 10pm

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hahaha justin long is such a shit actor


Doesn’t exist?

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kind of wishing it didn’t


I can’t face calling my elderly friend :cry:
Trying to psyche myself up.

Another night, another strenuous essay deadline.

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As if there was a 4th Die Hard

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is that the one where he punches a jet?

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Forgot to wish @BodyInTheThames a happy birthday earlier: hbd! Did you combine it with Valentine’s Day for maximum sexy time?

My mum and I had our first disappointing gousto meal - the rest have been amazing (xx @laelfy)

Then to try and get myself out of a pickle in the video game I’m in


Evening all!

Did some roasted sardines and lemon with sweet potatoes for tea - it has become one of my favourite simple meals.

I managed to avoid both beeves and difficult work today which meant I got to play Dishonoured for two hours this afternoon.

No idea what we’re watching tonight but we did two episodes of Solar Opposites last night and it was very average.

businessman ghosted me. fucking result.


Made a big steak pie. Now eating a big steak pie.

My fucking wife signed the biggest child up to cubs but it’s me who has to deal with it! 30 kids giving five facts about scouts around the world on Zoom. Kill me now! Someone did just bring Hitler up though.

What have you had so far? And which one didn’t you like?

Isn’t it Biggest Kid who is meant to be taking part?

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He should be! The only good thing is the lack of etiquette. Some kid just shouting ‘this is really boring, mum’ when someone else is speaking. Might take this into my work calls.


Enjoyed this:

Having beers and burgers at my bubbled friends for the last time before they move rip

Then home to watch mogwai

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