L'evening, c'est ca

Ca va?

Oui, je suis… d’accord… aussi?


Comme-si comme-ça :man_shrugging:


dans la salle de gym, transpiration


Schoolboy french only please!

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Pas mal, mais je suis un peu stressé. Je vais en Suisse demain pour travail, mais j’ai laissé tomber par une école. Bof!

Mon chat has conquered moi

I was only trying to fill up his food bowl and he decided my back would make a nice place to stand.


hi I only speak English! :slight_smile:


So tired. It’s been a long day and I’ve got to be up again in twelve hours!

Also got fined at the train station cause the dude wouldn’t sell me a ticket at the destination (it was either queue and miss the train as the machine was broke, or just hop on Smithers). Shiter.

I am waiting to watch Niles Frahm (no relation) play with his toys


Bonsoir. Had a fucking shit day at work again.

Had a nap, no idea what’s for dinner. Fuck sake.

mal. мой работу - плоохо aujourd’hui (sorry i cant remember the French for ‘my job’ but i can remember the Russian for it i think?)

Primavera Saturday line up is incroyable. hmmmmmm i hate spending loads of money on festivals though and not sure i have the capacity to plan the logistics of going to a festival in another country anyway.

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Allez à la banque-eh
Frappez à la porte-eh

think the nearest burrito might be 20 miles away

Alright? Ou est la biblioteque etc. Leftover pasta for dins and will keep up the French theme and watch a film via the BFI subscription thing, Vivre sa vie maybe.

Pizza’s on, about to watch new Star Trek. Going out for a drink with my ATD later who’s just (maybe) broken up with his long term gf :grimacing:

that’s your solution to everything!


Je suis sur la toilette

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Thought that was Caecilius

Back home after a very good weekend seeing some lovely lovely DiSers. Got the next two days off, and my only plans are:

Eat some doughnuts