L'evening, c'est ca


Ca va?


Cou cou Eric. Oui je vais bien merci. Et toi?


Oui, je suis… d’accord… aussi?


Comme-si comme-ça :man_shrugging:


dans la salle de gym, transpiration


Est-il facile de dire que cela provient de la fonction de traduction d’un moteur de recherche populaire?


Schoolboy french only please!


Pas mal, mais je suis un peu stressé. Je vais en Suisse demain pour travail, mais j’ai laissé tomber par une école. Bof!


Bonjour, je m’appelle Dillingers Wheelman.


Mon chat has conquered moi

I was only trying to fill up his food bowl and he decided my back would make a nice place to stand.


hi I only speak English! :slight_smile:


So tired. It’s been a long day and I’ve got to be up again in twelve hours!

Also got fined at the train station cause the dude wouldn’t sell me a ticket at the destination (it was either queue and miss the train as the machine was broke, or just hop on Smithers). Shiter.


Though, heavy on my shoulders
(No measurement can prove their weight)
Still, a burden are they not to me
I am the challenger of gravity


Image: @colinzealuk
Words: Emperor
Credit: https://www.facebook.com/evilbmcats/


I am waiting to watch Niles Frahm (no relation) play with his toys


Bonsoir. Had a fucking shit day at work again.

Had a nap, no idea what’s for dinner. Fuck sake.


mal. мой работу - плоохо aujourd’hui (sorry i cant remember the French for ‘my job’ but i can remember the Russian for it i think?)

Primavera Saturday line up is incroyable. hmmmmmm i hate spending loads of money on festivals though and not sure i have the capacity to plan the logistics of going to a festival in another country anyway.


Had one beer at work and it went straight to my head so I had a burrito for dinner

Now just gonna watch YouTube I think, the tv still has ear troubles :frowning: so we’re just gonna chill


Get a burrito.


Allez à la banque-eh
Frappez à la porte-eh


think the nearest burrito might be 20 miles away