l'evening des thursday

alright? do we still do evenings around these parts?

got vegan junk food delivery coming, slightly addicted to their chicken* tenders. got a very slightly improved version of a game i’ve played a hundred times before so obviously just gonna play it front to back this evening.

wuu2 huns?

It’s taps aff weather up here and I’m sitting outside (taps oan) havjng a few beers. Heading up the road shortly do make some food and listen to records.
Got a nice wee haze happening :relaxed:



I’ve been good with my exercise and eating so far this week. Fell asleep after work and cba cooking now though. Should I have a Huel or a takeaway? No ‘lol Huel, omg, how disgusting’ type comments please. It’s bland but I don’t hate it.

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  • Huel

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peak LP achieved



Gonna do a little dance exercise, have a salad then watch love island in the bath :woman_shrugging:


Fuck, someone I know has just turned up

Awful day at work, fucking hell. What a mess.

Ordered pizza. It’s too warm to cook anyway.


whys it so hot what the fuck


Alright all,

Mood has been a bit up and down today and I’ve been quite irritable. Mr s_w has gone out for a bike ride, I’ve walked the dogs.

I’m now watching The Other Lamb on MUBI which is good so far and drinking a NE IPA which is tasty. I’m on lift duty tomorrow so having my Friday drinks tonight.

Going to cook some smoked haddock for tea shortly, one of my fave fish. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Quick sit down in my favourite park on my walk home from work. M should be in bed but I’ll take the late night getting her to sleep when I get home over missing out on this lovely 5 minute moment of being outside on my own past 7pm for the first time in years and years.

Why is this iced tea so small? Love iced tea so so much




Doesn’t look that small there but it’s 250ml. Give me my 330ml please

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Liked for your evening plans. sounds like a nice balance.

Had pizza for tea, day early as I am so tired and was late getting home as had to do load of paper work and a tank was blacking the road and I had to put diesel in the car and now V is stuck at home again and why not.

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Evening all :wave:

I’ve been fairly productive: I pressure washed the patio in the back yard. I’ve only used the thing about four time, and it’s a pain in the neck, but it does look a lot cleaner out there, in time for the youngest’s birthday party :partying_face:

Also I went on Rightmove and now I’ve got people coming round tomorrow (and next week) to value our house :grimacing: still in two minds as to whether to move but they might as well see the place looking all shiny :crab: :ocean:

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Me too. Solidarity. I also kinda stopped working at 3 because I was too hot and fed up. Cleo protested and I can’t go against her so it was time to stop

Had a nice swim and pizza though so that was good.


This was me


Seen them in the co-op can vouch for smallness

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A wing has fallen off my puffin keyring :frowning:

Take my penknife, my good man

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