Levi roots caribbean coconut curry crisps



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i am receptive to the idea


The worst crisps I ever had were the Hairy Bikers red curry flavour. Fucking vile. Thankfully short lived.

My conclusion is that these crisps will be rank. Do not eat celebrity chef affiliated crisps.

Live by this. Learn by this. Be one.


reggae reggae caribbean crush

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  • no
  • don’t know who you are, pal
  • fuck off

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Reggae Reggae Rum and Coffee Melt in the Middle Chocolate Puddings?

do all these reggae reggae things actually exist?


Do any of us truly exist?




I reggae therefore I am


The Enola Reggae pepperoni: caesium and rum flavour


perhaps only @system exists



Yeah, these are rank.


I 'ad some them crisp but I’ll level witchoo, I wasn’t paying attention.


They’re crisps mate. I love a crisp more than anything but theyre crisps. Like bacon walkers are the same as whatever fucking Thai 30 day matured Welsh countryside bacon with fucking parsnip. They’re bacon flavor aren’t they.