LGBTQ+ bands/artists

Yeah it’s true (Sophie’s friends are posting about it on social media). Terrible stuff.

Fuck :frowning: Devastating news

fucking hell :frowning:

this song literally came into my head when I opened up the thread just now

horrible news

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This is just the worst

I can’t believe this.

I can’t get over how incredible this album is. Thank you for the recommendation @anon89873996 :smiley:

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You are very welcome, it is one of my absolute all time favourites and means a lot to me so it makes me happy whenever I find someone else has enjoyed it :grinning:

(all their albums are great, and also the one they did under the band name Key Losers - definitely recommend checking that one out)

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Literally only just realised what enby means.

What an idiot.

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Thanks, was just about to ask where to look in their discography next :slight_smile:

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I would personally say the Key Losers record next, then pretty much anything but probably the big rarities collection last :+1:t2:

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I’ll get the Key Losers tonight, in the mood for some new music :slight_smile:

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My favourite enby artist;

Awesome, I didn’t know DD was NB!

I was just about to share lavender country as I’d forgotten the OP. What a lovely album

India Jordan and Blessed Madonna both had trans / NB artists focus on their BBC shows last week



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I like Shamir a lot, they seem to have moved through loads of genres and styles in a relatively short timeframe and it’s always something interesting.


was listening to this last night - great band. what a racket!

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Seeing them in person tonight for the first time (rather than lockdown streaming shows) and I’m hoping it translates well to a fairly big room.