Liam and Noel

you what

I had to read the “weren’t we all love” thing a couple of times

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Fair dos

it needs some punctuation

Noels out of the fucking country?
Weren’t we all love!
Get on a fucking plane and play your tunes for the kids you sad fuck.


Noel, money down!


Bit crass to use not playing against him, imho.

Credit to him for playing. Not sure he had to belt out his brand new single, but…


Was the weakest part of the event imHUMBLEo

Thought he found his voice for Live Forever. Was absolutely brilliant live if you look back at their old gigs, but his vocals are shredded. Obviously it wasn’t really about quality of performance, but…

I thought it was more:

Noel’s out of the fucking country. Weren’t we all: “Love, get on a fucking plane and play your tunes for the kids, you sad fuck!”

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I wonder if liam would appreciate someone pointing out the grammatical errors so that he can redraft it.

It’s Peggy I feel for


Noels out of the fucking. country, weren’t we? all love, get on a fucking-plane. and “play your” tunes! for the kids… you = sad. fuck!!

thanks donald!


bit fucking off to make the thing all about Oasis


ah come on. liam’s being liam. he donated all the proceeds from his debut live solo gig last week there

sure, but still, the whole event was a total cynicism-free zone…shame he couldn’t keep it that way

This man is supposed to be 44 years of age.

Should certainly be resigned to something ffs