Liam Neeson (Not dead,

holy hell

Don’t blow it out of proportion. He knows it’s a terrible thing.

Exactly. I think he’s making more of a point on how he dealt with someone he knew being raped. I doubt he’s proud of it. I do find it bizarre that he’d openly say it though.


Not sure it’s fair to ‘cancel’ him on the basis of something he’s freely admitted as shameful and in the past.

The whole cancellation thing is kind of stupid tho anyway



If someone told me their initial reaction to someone they know being attacked was to ask ‘what colour’ the attacker was, i think I’d give that person a wide berth. I’m not sure Neeson is actually sorry about that aspect of it as opposed to feeling ashamed of his desire for revenge in general. It doesn’t come across that way.


Make no mistake, it’s a pretty stupid and horrible thing to consider whatever the circumstances


He seems to be appalled at his thoughts of revenge, but not by making the whole thing about race.

It’s a very strange thing to admit when he doesn’t then address that aspect.


Well, Mark Wahlberg still has a career.


I think us discussing it on here is the least of his worries.



Surely there’s nothing bad about keeping this internal to his own head though? If he’s feeling guilt I don’t think anyone really benefits from knowing about this process. Maybe he feels good because it’s cathartic in some way to say it, but that’s self-serving. If he’s learning then he should do it inside and present that better face to the world. Is he hoping for praise? Is he willing the backlash because he feels he deserves it? Is he hoping that his example will be salutary? None of those arguments make any sense of saying this. It’s a horrific thought to have, and it’s good that he’s seen his error (sort of?) but admitting it adds nothing to the discourse at all.

not the words of someone who’s seen the error of his ways really


I’m pretty sure he’s a racist tbh. Just getting that vibe.


I knew he was going Clint Eastwood style old man hardass with his roles, didn’t know he was doing it with his politics too.

As we briefly discussed earlier in the film thread, this is a particularly egregious example of a man thinking of a woman’s horrendous ordeal as something that happened to him. It’s also absolutely not his story to be wheeling out so publically.


That’s the thing, though - I’m not sure how strongly he’s actually putting forward that argument. Also, as @anon5266188 says, not his fucking story. What a way to justify your own racism, by taking someone else’s trauma.

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I agree with this to some extent and there is always a degree of suspicion about the sensationalism of the comments out of context etc. But regardless of how it’s being framed, it’s a horrendous way of essentially marketing a film.


Love Actually

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