I have that on DVD but somehow have never watched it. Think I’ll rectify that this weekend.

Yeah I think I only sat through them all once but I remember one video depicting the journey of a snail / slug (?) and it being oddly engaging :smile:

listened to sisterworld again last night. bit iffy isn’t it. will probably work through wixiw and mess before checking any of this out.

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I’m the other way around. Found wixiw too background to be really engaging and bloody loved the balls out nature of mess

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WIXIW is one of my top ten of this decade, was a bit disappointed by Mess but that was probably because I had ridiculous expectations going into it.

Another vote for ‘WIXIW’ here. Absolutely loved it. Enjoyed bits from ‘Mess’ but it didn’t grab me overall.

‘Drum’s Not Dead’ will always be my favourite but I do have a soft spot for the S/T as well.

I’ve only ever seen them once. I fucking wish they’d play in Europe again.

i really liked Mess and i did that thing where i googled to find out if they were playing Ireland on the tour and they already had D:

I think I was playing a gig that night and that’s why I missed that one!

Saw them in Brussels in 2012 with the Haxan Cloak supporting. Holy shit that was a good show.

warg, what is it good for?

Went with Sisterworld and instantly wished I’d opted for WIXIW.

You can change your vote by hiding the results and selecting another option :slight_smile:

Listening to mess again - really good. Definitely their best since drum for me.


Saw them in London around that same time. Haxan Cloak was seriously intense. Liars were awesome.

New album in August



I wonder if this is the soundtrack to the film they scored last year (that I haven’t heard) or an album proper?
Either way, this is most excellent news.

Assume it’ll be a proper album. Most of the time those soundtrack things are released without much fanfare

Agreed. I’ve tried (admittedly not that hard) to hear it. There really is very little info available.
Like it say, more Liars is good in any scope.

No new single released yet or anything?

Saw them in Portsmouth on that tour. The whole evening was brutally heavy.