Library chat

What have you got out, what’s on reserve, what fines do you have? These are library related chat topics that you could consider and chat about in this thread. Chat permitted.

From the Barbican library, 4 travel guides:

  • Costa Rica
  • Panama
  • Colombia
  • Ecuador, Boliva & Peru


None, obviously

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Paid them all then. It’s a great library that.

I see you have an interest in South America there, did you seen that the Rough Guide to South America (latest edition) has gone missing?

I think if libraries served coffee and relaxed the NO CHAT rule they’d basically become self sufficient.
Because people hate books but like drinking.

Got a short story collection by the man that wrote the Curious dog in the night.

No fines

No reservations

I suppose this should really have been a NO CHAT thread, missed a trick there.

No I did not, as I prefer detailed travel guides on specific countries. South America is far too big to be captured in one single guide book.

I don’t really use a library because … well because it’s the 21st century.

Costa Rica and Panama are not in South America btw.

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My very first job was in a library and there was an unwritten rule that you basically waive all the late fines.

In other words if anyone’s ever made you pay one, they just thought you were a prick.

I have a massive fine with Tower Hamlets libraries because I left a book on a plane and they wanted to charge me £20 for it (when I offered to just buy it for them for a lot less than £20 they said no.)

Not been back since.

See above


No, but others in that list are.

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I have no books out, but owe them £1.10 for forgetting to return a book before I went on holiday.

My daughter wanted me to take her to the library after nursery the other week. I read her 5 books before she agreed we could go home and have dinner.


I did resist an arrogant “Well I’ll just use Amazon in future” remark but it came pretty close.

“best place for you mate” :wink:


I think the real question is why isn’t he taking out books worth WAY more than £20 to make sure it’s worth it?

That’s a good question. No checking out those schmo books for us anymore!