licking salt off a plate

  • I’m not too good for it
  • I’m too good for it

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not really into salty things so much

my fave crisps are the salt and shake with the sachet but i dont add the salt - yum

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ready salted?

no thanks I’m savoury enough!

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Salt is too salty but I’m always up for licking stuff off plates


vinegar is a treat

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oh yeh licking things off plates is fine…just not salt for me

gravy or sauce (ohh-err)

I hate gravy

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gravy is the northern vinegar

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if i had to choose vinegar or gravy on a chippy tea, id choose gravy …so this holds up


Very addicted to salt.



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wonder what they eat in the south, is it mushy peas?

Jellied eels

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that sucks

Fully believe that licking your plate at the end of a meal should be accepted as a social norm and viewed as a compliment to the chef.


reckon it’s fair enough as long as you’re the one who does the washing up

No different to washing up a glass someone else has drunk out of.

I feel like you might get more germs and illness from someone’s saliva than beer but I’m not really an expert so it could just be social conditioning

Had jellied eels for the first time the other week in Whitstable. The eel itself doesn’t really taste of anything but they have a big spine in them that you have to avoid when you’re eating it, as if the added jelly wasn’t enough texture overload.