licking your plate

  • fine
  • gross
  • fine as long as you’re the one who does the washing up

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In some cultures its offensive if you dont lick ypur plate

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that’s culture for you!


If it’s gross if you aren’t the one washing up, how do you deal with forks and spoons? Everyone wash up their own spoons individually?

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…that’s a really good point. Oh no!

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in a restaurant

  • Fine
  • Somehow no (manners? idk)

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Manners are classist and ableist and applying our standards of etiquette to other cultures is racist.

That said, have some fucking self-respect ffs


I wouldn’t do it in a restaurant just because of some bullshit sense of manners or whatever. I know I shouldn’t give a fuck, but… dunno, just wouldn’t have the guts I guess. Would very much respect anyone who did though.

Tongues are so good at this it’s like we’ve evolved to be plate lickers.

I wouldn’t because it’s not ‘the done thing’ and I don’t want to draw that much attention to myself. Wouldn’t give much of a shit if I saw someone else doing it, but I would find it mildly amusing

Have done it in restaurants several times and will again. The whole concept should be seen as a good thing imo. Love a good plate-lick.

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if you were having sharing plates (tapas) would you lick simultaneously or take turns

We’re all running our finger round the plate and licking the sauce off that right? Directly licking the plate itself just seems… Unergonomic

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Licking plates in restaurants should be thoroughly encouraged. Chefs need to know their hard work is being appreciated.


Anyone pro plate licking is a fool when you could simply use a slice of bread as a proxy tongue to get those last tasty morsels AND with the added bonus of eating a slice of delicious bread too.

Normalise pre-dessert bread.


To all the people saying ‘gross’, why? What’s gross about it? I’ll tell you what’s gross about it; fuck all.

This is why a curry with a bread is the ideal meal out. You get to clean the bowl using the naan rather than having to lick it like with any other meal.


Just take your own naan to other restaurants.

I believe you would divvy the plates (or “platas”) up

just generally don’t really like to touch other people’s saliva