Licking your plates


Come on, who else does this when they’re by themselves. One of life’s true joys.


Only to warm them before serving.


One of life’s biggest horrors

Makes me feel really sick (seeing someone else do it or doing it myself)

Dunno why


lick the plate directly? not rubbing it with fingers then licking fingers?


we should lose the taboo about this by now. it’s a waste of good gravy not to do it.


Ban request please


Using bread to mop up the good stuff - great

Actually licking the plate - what the fuck are you, a dog?


In the case of gravy, I prefer to mop it up with bread.


ur a waste of good gravy


What about drinking cereal milk


What happens if you don’t want the extra carbs? What happens if you just want those final scribblings of flavour? If that makes me a dog, then SO BE IT


I’m an excellent cook and have no manners so obviously I’m licking my plates clean


what about it


Why would you ever not want the extra carbs? Carbs are the best!


Slice of bread and butter to mop it all up


Does it count


Dip some bread in to soak it up


I’d have to defrost some first, not sure it’s worth the hassle


Like my plate to go back to the kitchen looking as close to how it did when I arrived - I’m not wasting tasty things. If that makes me a dog then I say woof.


you don’t eat the food? seems wasteful