Lidl appreciation thread


been lidling a bit recently


  • perlenbacher beer is like cheap as chips and tastes like any slightly shit lager
  • greek yogurt
  • haloumi
  • sun-dried tomatoes in a jar are so much cheaper than anywhere else
  • biscuits and cereal
  • most of their fruit and veg


  • chilled pizza, fucking hell, avoid
  • crisps are shite

bet you all hate it don’t you?


haven’t been in one for ages and it’s because I’m being snobby it’s just because there isn’t one near me.


Love it. One opened just down the road from us last year now we rarely go anywhere else for most stuff. Big fan of their ribeye steaks, 2 pack for something like £5.98 and really good quality. Their own brand Pringles are shite but they also sell real ones for about £1.30 a pipe too. Oh and the tiger bread is really good. I need to go to Lidl after work now.


Nah the Crusty Croc paprikas are alright as are the peanut puffs.

I like the mushrooms in oil (the whole mixed ones not the sliced ones).

I have a soft spot for the processed cheese with gouda.

The tomatoes are occasionally outstanding. Would you like me to go out and take a picture of my tomatoes?




on the vine?


i think it was just their bod-standard crisps i had, but maybe i’m confusing them with another shop…



I want to know if the OP was intended as a pun too?


Gutted to be leaving my beloved Catford Lidl next month. Faves: arrabiata sauce, curry sauces, pulled pork and bbq ribs from chilled section, basically any ingredient/herb/spice tastes exact same, and their choc digestives are better than the real thing! Plus all the household stuff and plants for cheaps.


Oh and the own brand Mars/Snickers/Twixes are fucking lovely.


shame you’re moving as that’s where the flat we’re hopefully buying is :anguished:


Just a shit Aldi basically…


oh i forgot their 75p hand cream is :nail_care:



Aww. I really like Catford but I’m excited to have a commute that takes less than 90 mins each way!


They have this tropical fruits with carrot juice that I can’t get enough of. I used to be late to work a lot because I’d go there to buy the goats cheese and pesto foccacia fresh from their bakery (probably why I got fired but i have no regrets)


whilst this is true the cheese and chive snack things they do are the greatest thing on the planet. these ones:


absolutely fair point, bloody stupid trains


89p for 125gs of blueberries at the moment