Lidl or Aldi

Thread for when you can’t decide whether to go to Lidl or Aldi.

Should I go to Lidl or Aldi today?

  • Lidl
  • Aldi

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They’re exactly the same

I’m never sure which is which


Lidl’s have less lighting for some reason (a good thing)


The shopping experience at Aldi is generally miserable but you can’t deny that they are cheap and the food is quite decent

Aldi is objectively worse, but OK.

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I wouldn’t know. As soon as I’m inside I’ve forgotten which one Im in

Been into the one on market street in Manchester hundreds of times. No idea which one it is

Lidl’s meat always looks much more appealing to me…just in general as well they have most food essentials whereas Aldi has several aisles of useless tat

Loads of things I prefer in Aldi: falafel, better booze, proper Greek yogurt, those lil packets of fruit and nuts. The one in Catford is always in a terrible state though, and obviously the experience of going through the till is dreadful, but I still shop there.

For some reason I always seem to find myself in close proximity to a Lidl but never an Aldi. Think I’ve only been in the latter once. Lidl, hundreds of times.

Lidl have discontinued a couple of product lines which I always bought as well which has been an acute displeasure.

Aldi is the better store, however my local one is a Lidl. Also, I’m pretty sure the Aldis in town don’t have self service, which was somewhat of a game changer in Lidl, given the fact they only ever seem to have 4 staff in the whole store.

The Aldi on Lea Bridge Road is opening today!

and they sell cycling gear

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Yeah Aldi always have a much bigger non-food bit, nobody needs a whole aisle of drills.

Lidl is better in general because they do the world food weeks.

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Where?! I’ve been down Lea Bridge 3 times in the last week and haven’t seen it being built!

Yep! So do Lidl I think? But their stuff ain’t quite as good.

Aldi often have massive pots of Swarfega.

It’s in the old B&Q. There have been signs up for ages trumpeting today.

lidl, Pigfoot

Ah yes next to good old Kwik Fit. Cheers for the tip off. I can only assume I missed all of those signs because I am such a conscious road user and that would’ve been rubbernecking.

Lidl upped their game now they have a bakery.

Prefer Aldi though

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