Lidl or Aldi

Lidl upped their game now they have a bakery.

Prefer Aldi though

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Only a matter of time before a MME lad rolls in here and misspells Boots again

The cheese twists you get in Lidl are pretty much the pinnacle of human achievement.

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Aldi’s pizzers are much better.

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I’m a full convert since making this thread. Not for Aldi, which I hate. I mean shopping in Lidl is still awful, and the bagging area makes me very, very upset. But everything else is great

Sometimes at my closest Lidl they have NO ONE on the tills and just the self-service checkouts open. Very upsetting.





Aldi is SO much better. Lidl is AWFUL

never been to Lidl


Now I reaaaaaally want one of those!

Classic old DiS tone

“Obviously boring”

Chat about being “proper adults”


I think this point has been hammered home enough now man

yes, very concerning tone to that thread. That talking about supermarkets is boring. JFC, not sure everything needs a tedious revisionist introspection tbh

I think he’s joking.

I honestly don’t think he is…

Got an Aldi down the road. But I never go in there as there’s a Waitrose next door to it. #middleclass4lyf

I’m not, I think if you preface things with how boring you find it, it can shut down people’s opinions pretty quickly (I’m not saying it’s deliberate, nor am i saying I haven’t done this)

aldI, boring?

not even Aldi build supermarkets the week before they open

should’ve probably hyphenated that to Ald-I mate