Lidl's "Deluxe" crisp range

Absolute pants. They all taste the same, like the grease from a fryer at a fairground.



Never had them.

Quite like Aldi’s ‘monster claws’

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Not the question you asked but the Lidl copies of branded crisps are great.

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Aldi’s sweet chilli lentil curls are pretty great

In my experience Lidl stuff is alright


Had half a leg of lamb from there 9 days ago and it was “fine” rather than “good”

On the other hand, their own-brand Riesen: The Chocolate Chew knock-offs are “great” rather than “good”

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They have some top snack game, whatchu on about. Their choc is really quite good

I’d be sold on any flavour than sweet chili

i had some crisps that were made from beans. think they were deluxe.

were decent.

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Sour cream and chive (I think) then

I am too nuanced for “averages”

I concur

although I have had a few things I would describe as ‘bad’ (for example I had some coffee from there that was filth) and some that I would describe as ‘good’ (I can’t think of any examples now unfortunately)


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I’ve had the same ones, they are fine, but ultimately tasteless

I do genuinely think Lidl is amazing. Brilliant fresh fruit and veg, wonderful range of store cupboard items, fantastic cheese selection that completely undercuts any competitor…decent meat, all your bath and cleaning essentials and great booze.


it would be better if they sold all loose fruit and veg though. One time I wanted red onions, but didn’t want to buy a plastic bag full of 5, then I thought I found some loose ones, the lady at the checkout scolded me for thinking they sold them loose. I’m still pretty broken up about the experience.

that sounds great though

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THen I recommend Lidl’s “Deluxe” crisp range, in at least 4 indiscernable flavours, available at a Lidl near you while stocks last.

Yeah they have a way to go but I find them better than the likes of tesco for this. They also recently introduced reusable fruit and veg bags so I picked some up and stick all the loose stuff in one of them