Lies only in this thread, please.


Good thread :+1:


how will you know if I’m lying or not though?


I’ve had a rib removed so I can… You know :wink:


Football isn’t daft




I do know!


James Burrows has fallen down the banks and broken his neck! They’ve had to call the air ambulance in and everything!


I am really happy about my life and chuffed to bits that my wife has left me.


I am telling the truth, ipso facto the other guard is lying


allow surgeons to gain access to your heart in your open heart surgery?

Good luck antpoc :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


So you want the truth? Everyone, you’ve been posting the truth! It’s all a dastardly trick!


Anything for genuine GBOL ma0sm tbh tbf :+1:


I had a successful trial at QPR when I was a teenager, but I decided not to become a professional footballer even though I could totally have made it. Gerry Francis told me so personally.


Gerry Francis once started on my dad in a bar, but then my dad gave him A Look, and Gerry Francis said sorry and sat back down.


My uncle in America gave Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV the idea for the stage name “Black Francis” when they were getting pissed together one night.


Similarly, Marilyn Manson stole the idea for his stage name from my cousin; Hedy Wayne Gacy Jr.



Smashing Pumpkins are the best band ever and Machina should have been a quadruple album.