Life hacks


Need to save a bit of space? You can fit sets of matryoshka dolls inside of each other.


Save money on going to the toilet by only going to toilet in places where they don’t charge you to go to the toilet


sleep inside your duvet cover


If you lay a third (or fourth :slight_smile: ) slice of bread on the toaster as a bread lid it cooks the toast inside the toaster in seconds and you get another slice (or two :slight_smile: ) of toast cause the bread lid cooks too.

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Nice little bump


When I did this my toaster exploded

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Choking on an ice cube?
Simply pour boiling water down your throat, hey presto! the blockage is removed.


If you apply heat to food, it becomes easier to digest


my toast is too tall


Why can’t toasters work out how toasted the bread is?


Because they don’t have opposable thumbs.


With a bread knife (a knife designed for bread), you can cut your bread to a better size before toasting it.

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