Life in the UK exam

Always find it slightly eye-opening to do these once in a while - just did this one and got 20/24, which is a pass, apparently. All of the ones I got wrong weren’t really about the UK, but whatever:

HOWEVER, I also got this one wrong, which I fucking dispute:

That’s definitely false mate they’d always offer two language options, but who cares.

That’s really poorly written

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20/24. 2 or 3 were lucky guesses.

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Yes but because it doesn’t say “English only” it’s also true.

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21 with a couple of lucky guesses.

Is this because your wife is going to take one? Or you just like to check out how the Brexit Badboys are being racist via the medium of government tests?

They must be in English and in Welsh, so that statement is true, if it said exclusively in English it’d be false.

No she has no plans to apply for indefinite leave to remain, let alone citizenship, but I saw some people sharing crazy questions on Twitter and ended up on the site.

For example, is this a good barometer of your suitability for attaining citizenship, or is it a pub quiz question?

Tried this one…

Only got 14/24! The Border Force van is on its way to me as we speak.

I take issue with this question though:

Grimsby and Scunthorpe are names, not words ffs.

Yeah it’s total bilge, isn’t it?

I’m not really sure if someone decided that general questions about how to live day to day in the UK were also going to be stupid for anyone eligible to take it?

Fucking hell. Testing people. What the hell…You’ve got their moneys, guys.

Doing pub quizzes is an essential part of life in the UK m9


Actually that’s fair, wouldn’t mind an armada of triva-eqipped immigrants stepping up the competition.


First we came for your jobs, then we took your women, and now we are conquering your pub quizzes.


i failed. do i have to leave?

Tony Montana was always great for the 80s music round

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I got 24, but some of those questions are a bit dodgy.

(eg Vindolanda isn’t on Hadrian’s Wall, and the Channel Islands are not an Island)

16/24 though I’ve always been terrible at history. Even so, eesh.

22/24, means I get to keep my Oyster card and glottal stop