Life insurance - to lie or not to lie


I mean sure, all life is meaningless and monetarily worthless, but let’s say hypothetically you were applying for life insurance and hypothetically there were questions relating to, I don’t know, drug usage over the last 10 years. Is honesty the best (life insurance) policy here or should my friend maybe clean up his past?


I do not have life insurance


You’re really leaving Mike in the hole there m9.


Honesty most definitely the best policy.


Morning, officer!


Figured if one of us dies the alive one would just sell the flat immediately


Depends what the honest answer is


I’m afraid this is not the validation my friend had hoped for chadders.


Your friend will be dead anyway, why would he give a fuck?


Hypothetically, how long would you your friend have to wait before he hadn’t taken any illegal drugs in the previous 10 years?


Don’t lie about anything that is recorded in your medical records because you can guarantee they will check in the event of a claim. Anything that isn’t documented, sure, lie away.


Typical question (as per a Royal London application)

Have you used recreational drugs during the last 10 years? Examples of recreational drugs include ecstasy, cannabis, cocaine, heroin, amphetamines and anabolic steroids. If Yes, please give details including the drug, the frequency of use and when you last used each drug.


We’ve got decreasing term assurance. Think it’s about £10 a month, and the mortgage gets paid off in the event of my death or Mrs CCB’s.


I’ll check with him. He says it will take 10 years.




That was quick!!!




Doesn’t life insurance cover your house payments or something like that?


Yeah this is it isn’t it. I’m not quite sure how they can prove drug use for anything over 2 weeks or so?


You mean, he’s high right now?