Life is short, have a diet coke

There is an advert on the radio that talks about the precious moments in life like (can’t remember the exact egs) you child’s first steps etc so that is why you have to be sure to have the right phone package.

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this is really weird. been getting this version pumped at me for weeks now

life is short. we’re just meat being shovelled into the grave. everyone you’ve ever loved will die.

have a coke.


‘Stopped pulling pints at the castle started pushing myself…’


Literally a flavourless drink.

Disagree. It has a very distinctive flavour, and it’s bogging.

If you want to read more about the new direction for diet coke

In the TV ad the woman speaks directly to the camera and says: “Look, here’s the thing about Diet Coke. It’s delicious. It makes me feel good. Life is short. If you want to live in a yurt, yurt it up.”

Howlett says: “It fits around the Coke lifestyle and around us really connecting with Diet Coke consumers’ attitude to life. They are making very confident choices for themselves in an unapologetic way.”

Is that Gillian Jacobs?

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Fucking Britta’d that, didn’t they


Tell me more about the coke lifestyle, Marketing Week

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Seems weird to use this as the slogan for Diet Coke. Surely if you’re going to market anything on the basis of the inevitability of one’s impending and inescapable death then it should be a really unhealthy version of Coke loaded with sugar and they just put byproducts of fracking and nuclear power in there for literally no reason because hashtag yoloanfvlp ^

^ (acronym, colloquial) you only live once and not for very long, pal


solid logic tbf

I am addicted to delicious Diet Coke and I don’t need any advert to induce me to drink it.

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This reminds me of when I worked the telephones at a mystery shopping company, recruiting mystery shoppers.
The client was Brewer’s Fayre pubs, you know those shit identikit new build “pubs” located in suburban hinterlands and similar non-places. We were briefed to recruit shoppers who fitted the “Brewer’s Fayre target demographic”, which included criteria such as “is averse to trying new experiences and taking risks, doesn’t live near a cultural region, owns an estate or 4x4 car, dresses mostly in grey brown or black, wears glasses and has had the same style glasses for at least 20 years, readily admits he/she is content with their life and happy with what they have, has a TV in the bedroom, doesn’t like rap music, Brexit means Brexit etc.”


Tbf I’m all about making confident choices about myself in an unapologetic way. Drinking diet coke, littering when I can’t be arsed to find a bin, stealing from charity buckets, eating the hearts of children to steal their vital life essence and cheat death - I’m just gonna do me. That’s the coke lifestyle.

Dont get the new feisty cherry one

Love this twitter

The Arbys gazes also

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I unapologetically and confidently choose to give as wide a berth as possible to being identified as anything close to a ‘Diet Coke consumer’ or having a ‘Coke lifestyle’, whatever the fuck one of those is.