Life Without Buildings

Can’t see there’s a dedictated thread for them. Article about them in the Guardian today… apparently they’re popular on TikTok?

Was trying to find a song Sue Tompkins guested on, and found a couple of more recent things she’s been involved with, if anyone’s interested:

The thing I was looking for was this El Hombre Trajeado song she’s on:


or the intro to The Leanover at least.

Great band though.


Watched a bit of the YouTube video compiling some of them… there are a LOT! Bit disorientating watching one after the other.

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sounds like she’s saying Fallujah

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Great great band. Once saw them on the same bill as King Adora, for the full early 00s experience.



LP is being reissued


Nice! Not read it properly yet, but new interview here too: The Quietus | Features | A Quietus Interview | It’s Like The New Past – Life Without Buildings Interviewed.

Grabbed it today

Seems weird to me that it says ℗ & © 2021. I’d have thought somewhere it should have 2001 as surely you can’t just renew a copyright?

It’s a repress outside of their initial contract, so the p&c will reflect that.

Oh right.

Music copyright is clearly a confusing thing for me! This feels like it’s changing the 70 years + the life of the author thing but I guess it’s just meaning this particular package of it can’t be used or something.

The publishing will remain the same, but the mechanical reissue will have the new date.

I guess I feel like the publishing should be on there somewhere just because I am actually that guy who likes to know stuff like that I suppose :smiley:

Rough Trade / Tugboat are the label, not the publisher, so it’s not in their remit. Dunno who publishes LWB - it’s probably reverted back to Copyright Control seeing as it’s 20 years since initial release.


Not sure how I missed out on these first time around. Was going to a ton of gigs in the early ‘00’s
and slavishly reading the music press, must have been in my blind spot. What sort of acclaim did they have / venue size were they doing?

Anyway, first heard them in the recent music league, really enjoying the album.

A bunch more songs from live performances are now online

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Just discovered a band called Ganger who I’m sure you dweebs will all know. Wonder if they influenced Life Without Buildings?

Think they were in the same circles? They became Aereogramme if I remember correctly