"Lifehacks" that are... not?


Look at the state of this.

This can’t be a “lifehack” it is the fucking most obvious thing in the world. I mean, jesus, doesn’t everyone know this?

Any other “lifehacks” that are just obvious things that people should know?


If you put pasta in a pan of boiling water with all fire under it, it meks it easier to eat


Literally all life-hacks are bollocks except for storing tins of beans upside down.


There are buttons on interior walls (often near doors), which, if pressed correctly, allow electricity to flow to light bulbs, enabling previously dark rooms to become illuminated.


Didn’t know this. Don’t know why i would put a rewards card or some shit in there when they give me something I can put in there and not be significantly fucked off when I leave it behind.


Means you can leave the air con on when you go out with the key.


Most give you 2 key cards for exactly this purpose

  • I knew this
  • I didnt know this
  • Never even considered it because why the fuck

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i didn’t know this - but I wouldn’t do it anyway

I just don’t stay in hotels that often TBH


But if you’re in a room with someone else then you both need a key because one of them (me) might want to go back for a sleep before the other.





Is it ever necessary to leave the aircon on in a hotel room whilst you are out? Bit of a waste of energy


Another solution: Ask for more room keys than you need with the intention of leaving one in the card slot for your stay.

This is NOT a hack of any kind.


Necessary, no, but lots of things aren’t necessary and waste energy.


Got any old room key cards hanging about your wallet or whatever?

  • Yes
  • No

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I have never been anywhere where, as a sole traveller, they have gave me two key cards, nevermind for this purpose.


If you bring your own shopping bags, you can dodge the 5p bag tax!!

You can also beat speed cameras by not speeding and the LME congestion charge by not driving a lorry down Oxford Street


You can put off thinking about the futility of your own existence by posting on an indie music message board all day


This one isn’t true, it never works.