Life's little pleasures



As much as it is a twee cliche these days, tea (with optional Jaffa cake on the saucer) is simple but great.

Obviously some cock gags to be had here but there must be other stuff too. It can’t be just tea and cock.


Instrumental music on the train to work

Makes you feel like you’re in a film.



A blanket when you’re watching the telly and it’s a bit cold.

Mashed potato.


Peeling the paper stuff off a new pack of blu-tak


^next promotional poster for the Alpha Course


Used to enjoy a bit of Classic FM whilst bimbling around the countryside doing deliveries to farms and etc


Bubble wrap: still good.


full body relaxation


Getting into bed on a cold night and wrapping yourself up in the duvet


+1 Mashed Potato


When your pet curls up next to you on the sofa/in bed or by your feet. <3


Bus drivers waving at each other.


bloody love mashed potato, EmO.


Baking bread listening to radio 4 (or 6)
Making the sunday dinner listening to radio 4 (or 6)


Nicely complimented by dog with head out of car window.


Me too. I love making it and loading it up but yeah, it’s so unhealthy I have to keep it to a treat.


Picking the crusts off a lasagne dish before washing up


Just laying around doing nothing all day


Peeling the skin off of a chorizo in one go


Cuddling your kid while watching Mölang.