Life's Rich Tapestry

I’m a devout Regina Blitz man, love the stuff but I am also a thrill seeker always looking for a new adventure so today I bought some Renova.

Do you take risks?

that’s some fancy bog roll!

Not if I can possibly avoid it, no.

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You take a chance getting up in the morning, crossing the street, or sticking your face in a fan.

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Not if you only use the best of British: James Dyson!


while I was housesitting for my parent’s neighbours, a package got delivered that turned out to be 20 environmentally friendly bog rolls that they’d ordered from their holiday in Bali. Think they were called ‘who gives a crap’ or something like that.

My mum got really pissed off at this, and has since disowned them (the neighbours, not the bog rolls)

Wait, they ordered them from Bali when in Bali or over the internet in Bali but from the UK?

I remember the bog roll brand in Thailand ‘sit and smile’.

this. fucking outrageous.

I think you’ll find it’s actually an embroidery.

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we already have an REM thread pal

There’s an apostrophe ITTT.

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We’re recent converts to Blitz and couldn’t be happier. Or could we? My wife will be thrilled to learn of Renova

Cheers Lonzy

You can get it in all different colours as well (I went red). I can’t see it competing with Blitz but you never know.

The red looks love, I have to say. Could almost wrap it up and pop it under the Christmas tree. It would make a lovely present in such a festive colour

This is something else


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M-m-m-my renova

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Imagine the joy of opening this

Would genuinely prefer that to the shaving balm or lotion someone always buys me despite not having shaved for over a decade.