Lifespans for laptops

how long have you had your laptop for? I’ve had my macbook pro for 5 years now and its still more or less working perfectly (doesn’t run games released after 2010 or so, but I’ve got a console for that anyway).


I had one that lasted about 5 years until the screen packed up.

Mine’s 4 year old and I know fuck all about computers but it seems to run like new and can do all yer modern things that computers do. Only thing that’s ever been wrong with it is I had to replace the battery once. I go on YouTube and search something like “how to keep your PC running like new” every few months and just do what some nerd says, I reckon that’s the secret to longevity.

9 years

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2 years. Streaming films fucked my last one

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Is this… an offer? What kind of laptops we talking?

y’know, the put on the top of your lap kind of ones.

Had mine since 2011. It’s a Dell and I hate it.

Accidentally spilled beer on it twice (once a couple of years ago and once this year, not much beer though). Still works fine, although some of the keys don’t work so I have a separate wireless keyboard.