Lifts and escalators

Just saw a van with some great branding on it. In big letters it had their company logo and the name:


and then under that 2 bullet points:

  • Lifts
  • Escalators

This is now the lifts and escalators thread. When was the last time you went in a lift AND an escalator on the same day? Last Thursday for me - Debenhams.


Yesterday, lift at work, escalator at King’s Cross and Green Park Underground stations.

Monday - went to London for work stuff. Lift to the conference room, escalators at the train station.

Oh I just realised it was Friday. Escalator on the subway and lift at my meeting in Edinburgh

Main lift is broken at work currently so I used the back lift for the first time ever a week or so ago (discussed elsewhere on here)

Think the last time I used both on the same day would have been a while back though, probably August 13th when travelling to the airport with suitcases, would have both been at Canada Water and Green Park underground stations (both lifts) but earlier that day I would have used the escalators at Oxford Circus and Victoria stations.

  • Lifts
  • Escalators

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Honestly can’t recall the last time I used a lift.

Used various escalators yesterday on my trip from Forest Hill to Milton Keynes and then back again, but zero lifts.

how big is your library? haven’t been in a library without a lift for years. (this is not true)

I should note that I only use the work lift when returning to the office from lunch, I walk up the stairs when I get in as a point of policy and walk down them at the end of each working day as well.

Hmm, good question. I think it would probably be the last time I went to London for a meeting, which was the day after the Brexit vote. Big old lift, that was.

Hotels are good spot for liftage, have you stayed in a hotel recently?

Tiny (one floor).

The building it is in, though, has 9 floors. Have no need to ever visit the other floors.

We’ve currently been kicked out though as it’s being refurbished, hence all my bloody trips to Milton Keynes to sort all the books out which have gone there.

In Majorca: kind of a hotel (was a large apartment complex), but no lift.

Also in Berlin in August: very good lift. One of those days may have been a lift and escalator day?

try to avoid lifts a lot of the time, slightly irrational worry of them getting stuck (although better than i was when i was younger)

october 26th: returning a rental car to a large airport facility

thanks for asking

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  • Travelator (gladiators)
  • Travelator (airport)

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how is this even a question

I’m very interested in both of the phenomena. The lift thing - I wonder how something like that starts as a national trait. Escalators in Scotland (outside London tbh) are much the same. Lononders are a lot more reliant on escalators than any other civilizaton in history I reckon so you have to allow for the rest of the world to be playing catch up.

Should combine the two. Would quite like to see people in airports get near the end of one and then fall over and travel slowly face down back to the beginning.