Lifts and escalators

Yeah, there’s no contest here is there

haha brilliant. why?

I used to hate escalators when I was a kid, as a girl at school fell down one, and got her leg skin pinched between two of the steps. The teacher felt the need to tell us that in great detail, and then the girl returned to school with this huge frankenstein scar with loads of painful looking stitched in it.

The wooden ones they used to still have in London in some places were the worst, as they had no grip and made an ominous clanking noise. I’d forgotten about them until the first time I went to Budapest, and encountered one again, and got this feeling of primal fear.

no no no, please go for it we’re all ears.

This is excellent Lifts & Escalators material, thank you!

Do people ever climb up out of them as the top emerges onto their floor of choice?

pretty into this

came here to post about paternosters, love them!
not seen one since polytechnic days, one of the Birmingham campuses had one & we decided to go all the way round one end of it after checking it stayed the same way up by placing a can on the floor, then a bigger object to make sure it didn’t get squashed, then a person.


Lift: When leaving the hotel we stayed at in Mexico - November 21st
Escalator - The one down into the immigration hall at Birmingham airport - November 22nd

Yesterday. Lift = work, escalator = tube stations. That said I didn’t actually go up in the lift, just opened the staff only 2nd set of doors to get to the recycling bins.

and what happened?

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I believe I did something similar in a branch of Marks and Spencer in Birmingham

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Quite mean

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it was only because you reminded me of the big man himself, wasn’t actually asking you to shut up

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I appreciate these two instances were very close in date but please read thread titles properly in future

Love on an escalator!

Classic aerosmith


I went round the bottom of the lift & started going up to be met with rapturous applause on the floor I had left from.

well one person said “yay” quietly.
I think they were disappointed there was no blood.

It was still the 21st in Mexican time when I got back to Birmingham, and sleep was impossible on the plane so it was within the same period of awakeness.

Was in the same 24 hour period too.

I would’ve been

Stand On The Right To Party

Classic Beastie Boys.