Light Conductor

Not really sure if this is worth its own topic and this thread will probably sink without trace, but I was wondering if anyone else is into this duo, or at least has heard this track. One of their tracks came up on a spotify playlist of albums released by Constellation in the last year or two.

This is the song. It’s one of those rare things. A drone track that actually kind of bangs at the end.

It’s 14 minutes long, so advance warning for that. I think someone else could do a better job of comparing this to other artists, but I’ll have a stab at describing it. It’s drone-y, psychedlic-esque which kind of meandering around at the beginning, before really ramping up around the 6 minute mark to sounding a bit like a John Carpenter soundtrack theme. A kind of beat kicks in and then the track just soars for a few minutes. Just as you reach the 9 minute park, the vocals come in, and they sound like Mark Hollis from Talk Talk, and some very Talk Talk esque synths kick in. Just before the 11 minute mark, an electric guitar comes in and the whole thing comes together.

anyway, TL;DR if you have the time and patience, have a listen and let me know what you think. Just thought I’d share a song I think some people might like.

I think one of these guys is a member of Besnard Lakes.



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14 minute long psychedelic John carpenter adjacent drone that builds to a banger. Literally the best genre.


Got a Craven Faults vibe from the first few minutes, which is one of my favourite vibes to get. A more neon version of Craven Faults though. This is really cool.

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Liked this so much I almost impulse bought it on vinyl, except that it’s only available in the US with ridiculous shipping costs to the UK. What a find!

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This is the playlist I found it on. It seems I’ve really been sleeping on Constellation as a label for too long. There’s some other great stuff here.

I also love the fact that there’s a ‘Radio Edit’ of this track, as if many radio stations would play this and has any commericial potential at all (and it’s still almost 6 minutes long). But it does a good job of editing it down to the just the bit where it lifts off. I prefer the full version but this also slaps.

I know, right! One of those tracks that gets even better on repeat listens because you know where it’s heading.

Kind of reminds me a bit of Glass Jar by Gang Gang Dance, although it’s obviously a different kind of music, but that long build up just makes it what it is.

So glad at least one person read this and checked it out. It’s one of the most extraordinary things I’ve heard in ages!