Light soy sauce > dark soy sauce

Depends what you’re using it for. Light for stir fry, dark for when you’re making a sauce.

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Though i like tamari better overall

Tamari > dark > light

Fuck! Didn’t know this!

Dark, full fat, original etc version wins out EVERY TIME

Different soy sauces for different needs


I get through the light stuff twice as fast for some reason

I once saw a thing about the making of soy sauce and that it’s fermented from soy beans, and was like “oh yeah, so why isn’t it alcoholic?” but I’ve just looked it up and apparently it is alcoholic?

My kitchen is downstairs and I can’t be arsed to check but if anyone has a bottle to hand can they please confirm.

My Kikkoman says “naturally brewed” by no mention of alcohol anywhere

Yeah, all our kitchens are downstairs mate, you don’t see us going on about it :roll_eyes:


In my previous flat I actually worked downstairs from my kitchen so maybe watch your fucking mouth?

My kitchen is actually upstairs I suppose on accounts of how my whole flat is upstairs


Dark adds colour, light adds salt.

Dark also adds salt presumably.

I didn’t even realise light soy sauce was a thing until about a month ago.

Tamari > Kicap Manis > Dark Soy Sauce >>>>>>> Light Soy Sauce


Keep it under your hat, but I’ve started using dark soy sauce as gravy browning.


Just use dark for everything. Used to be a good compliant little citizen and use light for some stuff like Ken Hom told me, then just fucked it off and used the much better dark for everything, and I have to say I’ve never felt better.

Always on the Tamari in this household as the TV can’t have wheat. No problems with the Tamari though, especially the big Kikkoman bottles