Likes given : Likes received


How’s your ratio?

Think I need to be nicer. 336 given 418 received.

Can anybody top bugduv’s?


271 given 862 received. Probably could be a bit more liberal with my likes.


15 given 1000 received


That is just…wow

I was going to like your post but you’ve had your fill


544 given, 1.8k received although that’s probably horribly skewed by the cat thread.


750 given : 1400 received

Generally maintain a 1:2 ratio although I periodically make an effort to give more


2000 given 5100 received apparently


i have my racism and hatred of the poor to blame for so few likes:

3.1k : 1.8k


1.1k given to 3.2k receieved


2.1k given, 543 received. You don’t deserve me.


5.8k given, 6.4k received.

i quite like that ratio. shows i’m clearly generous but still winning.


When my old account is added too it works out as - 8.5k given 7.1 received


I give loads more than receive. It’s my duty though as I have way more per day than the rest of you.


uh…yeah me too…my old account i got like…uh…200 given to like 30000 likes received


Fairly equal, gave 2.4 have 2.5


862 given
1,800 recieved


132 given
110 received


Shit, misread the thread. I chose the top likes given/received from my the top users on both.

1,886 given
2,415 received.


Wait, what were your old accounts?


977 given
1800 received

Amazing what some alpacas and pygmy goats can do. Oh, and a kidney transplant.