limes vs lemons

you can only keep one forever, including anything that is lemon or lime flavoured

everything that’s currently got both in will only have whichever you choose in

  • lemons
  • limes

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A lime is a juvenile lemon. You can keep both.

limes are great fun


Lemons. Very good thread.


i’ve got some lime wedges stuck in a glass bottle cos i was making ice tea on the weekend and didn’t think about how i’d get them out

If I choose limes, will the Feeder song still scan?

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Just had to make avocado smash with lemon instead of lime, so currently feeling very biased against our yellow friends

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Limes smell amazing. Just pure lovely. Really like sniffing my hands after I’ve juiced a lime


But to expand

  • Limes as the fruit and fresh juice
  • Lemons as the general flavour for sweets etc

Limes fucking rule especially on Mexican food. Lemons are featured in Italian food but add relatively little imho, although make for better desserts.
Both similar in dtinks.
Limes win.


Big Grant Nicholas will just say lime twice. Will improve the song if anything.


same question to no. 3 please

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I love limes but there are a tonne of great recipes I use lemon in where lime would be rubbish so lemons it is


obviously limes. gbol.

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“Senses Working Overtime” wouldn’t make sense anymore though

Senses Working Overlime


Whilst I think I prefer limes, I probably use lemons in cooking more often. So, grudgingly, lemons it is!

Limeonade is much better than lemonade.

So limes.

Really want a Tequila now

bunch of limeys