Limited Edition

Fuck them to hell.

Either make something or don’t fucking bother, pricks!

(anyone tried limited edition coca cola cinnamon? I think I would like to)

When you think about it, we’re all limited editions.


Then fuck us all to hell!


Sounds an interesting drink.

I’m a sucker for a limited edition purchase.

But then when they are good it is upsetting when the are gone.

Oh the ephemerality of the limited edition…

Paved paradise and put up a parking lot :slightly_frowning_face:

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lads at coca cola have missed out by not calling this pumpkin spice spooky cola tbh

I tried cinnamon Pepsi last year in America, tasted like non-alcoholic rum and coke. Was fine.

remember when they made Fosters mixed with rum

that was shit

Two recent limited edition irks:

I don’t like how the subscribers covers on my empire subscription are described as limited edition.

Also, that new Phil Anselmo record was limited to 300 copies world wide according to the sticker, and there was a copy sat in HMV in Birmingham. How did one end up here? That doesn’t seem right (but is possible i suppose).

But yeah, generally is a rubbish term which pushes record prices up and allows for shit food/drink flavouring experiments.

Never understand why you get limited edition perfumes and whiskeys in airport duty frees

If they were any good you’d sell them everywhere you pricks

I’m an artist’s proof.

I remember being seriously stressed out when The Coral released their third album, ‘Nightfreak and the Sons of Becker’, as it was a ‘limited edition’ of only 75,000 copies.

I was convinced I wouldn’t get a copy so ended up rushing up town from school.

Doubt it even sold that many in total.

I quite like it even if everyone else thinks it sucks.