Limmy is doing another book (and book tour)

Just booked for LDN on the Monday.

Here are the dates if you want:

7th May, GLASGOW, Oran Mor
8th May, GLASGOW, Oran Mor
9th May, GLASGOW, Oran Mor
11th May, ABERDEEN, The Lemon Tree…/limmy-that-s-your-l…
14th May, DUNDEE, The Dundee Rep
15th May, NEWCASTLE, The Stand
16th May, MANCHESTER, The Comedy Store
(Link to come)
18th May, DUBLIN, Vicar Street
(Link to come)
19th May, BELFAST, Mandela Hall

21st - 22nd May, LONDON, Leicester Square Theatre…/873…/events

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I got his book last christmas and still haven’t read it

You should read it I think, it’s very funny.

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I got tickets for a screening of Limmy’s Vines as part of London Short Film Festival and a wee Q&A with Armando.

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I was weighing up tickets to that purely because of how hilarious it is that it’s a thing

Ha it’s an odd thing isn’t it. An hour or so of 6 second videos :confused:

Spotted in a toilet cubicle at Wetherby services a couple of days ago. Made me chuckle.

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Yes, it’s brilliant. Properly laugh out loud funny in places.

I think about the one with the guy bleeding his radiators and accidentally getting addicted to drinking the water from them a lot.

I think about ‘Laces Too Tight’ whenever I have to do a work presentation.

Still not got the book. But think the ‘armadillo’ video is the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages.

Will head to the Oran Mor for this.

Enjoyed the distraction pieces podcast with him and scroobius pip.

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Can’t remember that one, brief synopsis please?

The guy has all week to do a pitch presentation. Leaves it all to the last minute. Blames it on his shoelaces being too tight. Really amused me and stuck in my head (heid).

Scan of it here.

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booked up because i enjoyed the last one
but he’s properly got on my nerves with his hot takes etc. this year

Gonna come across like a total Ruffers in here but I haven’t ever really “got” him.

Where to start?

Nothing really to “get” tbh pal, if you don’t find his vines/Twitter funny there’s a good chance he’s just not for you.

I like these vines and sketches though:


Effort appreciated, I shall check those out once I get home! You da man, Ant(man) :thumbsup:

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This video of his last book tour is good and is basically the thing the tickets are for but for a new book:

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Update: @Antpocalypsenow I watched those three videos now and laughed consistently. Thank you for the enlightenment. Shall watch that long show in bed tonight. :kissing_heart:

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Magic :thumbsup: