Limmy Kickstarting a monthly show he wants to make from home


support him, aye?




really disappointed he didn’t start the video with a malcolm malcolm ‘HI GUYS’


this is really really really good.


choked on my cereal at the kelvingrove bit :rofl:


That bit and the wardrobe!



Been thinking about that big fat hen drop a lot


Ye’ve turned yer back oan God, eh?


Was it just a one off last week do folks know?


Loved that flat packed wardrobe bit



One of the replies to that has just reminded me about the spaghetti legs bit, amazing.


Really like Limmy but cannot handle his twitter feed. Does my nut in.


This applies to almost everyone I like /twitter in general


Weird one coz his original patreon seemed to be for a series but then the beeb commissioned a pilot. Cant blame him for taking it but there might well have been a series by now. It’s so lofi anyway.