Great lad isn’t he








Yes except probably needs to stay away from 140 char political stuff?


Well apart from the fact everyone should stay away from that he is mostly fine on Twitter. Often he is just feeling arguments out trying to understand both sides. Gets called up on some shit, sometimes rightly and sometimes wrongly. I dont follow him religiously so perhaps I’m wrong here.


Oh sure. I just mean he is very funny but beyond that I’m not really sold on him and can’t just give him total personal endorsement


He’s funny but i reckon he’s incredibly boring in real life


Some of his stuff is brilliant, watching it back on netflix it seems much better than I remember. I don’t follow him on twitter but I will enjoy people getting annoyed or upset about anything he says. Much like brewdogs marketing. I’d say both are rooted in a deep sense of fear of scottish people by the english.


Big fan, like it when he threatens people


i really like him, however sometimes i watch him anf think to myself ‘how the fuck can anyone out of glasgow/west of scotland find this funny’


Listened to his Distraction Pieces interview not long back. The guy is honest to the point of it being a bit weird, refreshing to listen to someone like that though. It was also quite funny.


He’s great, Daft Wee Stories is great, when he does interviews it’s great.


spot on :slight_smile: