Lincolnshire Show thread (annual rolling)

Big day in Lincolnshire today. We used to get a couple of days off school for this. Pop down if you’re about innit, bee beards, the whole shebang.

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Here he is!

That new kit :grimacing:


I won’t be attending this year (or, god willing, any year), but if I was I might hang out at the vintage tractors.


I’d meet a moo. intrigued by the discovery zone, what’s happening there please jez?

Think there might be a few visual displays of agriculture down at the discovery zone!

thanks but I’ll level with you, that discovery is much less fun than I was hoping for

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Agricultural Shows ArGreate

i assume this is an agricultural show


Closest I’ve been to a horse simulator was boshing a load of md before going to the races on a stag do but maybe this might take your fancy?


Aye I used to really enjoy it as a kid. Agriculture is Lincolnshire’s 'hing cows, it is very flat.

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this is EXACTLY the type of fun I was hoping the lincolnshire show discovery zone would provide, thank you

Don’t undersell the majesty of the wolds

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You undersell the majesty of the wolds at your peril, you’re right. It’s a very beautiful county in parts.

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Something for everyone at #LincsShow18

Should I know who this person is or is this your reaction to #LincsShow18?

That’s fucking Linc, pal.

Oh dear. Is this from a programme Walter has presented to you?

Edit: hold on, Prison Break?

the Linc, the Linc, the Linc is Oln Shire


He would snap you like a twig, you turkey!

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Here is a picture of Andrew Lincoln: