Lincolnshire Show thread (annual rolling)


Big day in Lincolnshire today. We used to get a couple of days off school for this. Pop down if you’re about innit, bee beards, the whole shebang.


Here he is!

That new kit :grimacing:


I won’t be attending this year (or, god willing, any year), but if I was I might hang out at the vintage tractors.


I’d meet a moo. intrigued by the discovery zone, what’s happening there please jez?


Think there might be a few visual displays of agriculture down at the discovery zone!


thanks but I’ll level with you, that discovery is much less fun than I was hoping for


Agricultural Shows ArGreate

i assume this is an agricultural show


Closest I’ve been to a horse simulator was boshing a load of md before going to the races on a stag do but maybe this might take your fancy?


Aye I used to really enjoy it as a kid. Agriculture is Lincolnshire’s 'hing cows, it is very flat.


this is EXACTLY the type of fun I was hoping the lincolnshire show discovery zone would provide, thank you


Don’t undersell the majesty of the wolds


You undersell the majesty of the wolds at your peril, you’re right. It’s a very beautiful county in parts.


Something for everyone at #LincsShow18



Should I know who this person is or is this your reaction to #LincsShow18?


That’s fucking Linc, pal.


Oh dear. Is this from a programme Walter has presented to you?

Edit: hold on, Prison Break?


the Linc, the Linc, the Linc is Oln Shire


He would snap you like a twig, you turkey!


Here is a picture of Andrew Lincoln: