Lincolnshire Show thread (annual rolling)

He would spread his chest grease over you

Inferior to the Great Yorkshire Show (never been to either)

I’ve been to the non union staffordshire equivalent, they had monster trucks

Dog portraits!

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Ive got about 15 country shows down on my calendar this year. Will probs only get to about 3-4 though. Someone make a poll so we can rank our fave country shows.

All the others > Lincolnshire

I can’t comment. Surely that fakeshow they do in London is the worst one?

The gross Lambeth one?

Oh beebeard beebeard
How was I supposed to know
That something wasn’t right here?
Oh beebeard beebeard
I shouldn’t have let you go
And now you’re out of sight yeah

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Ahhh man the Lincolnshire show. Went with my junior school choir to compete in some county singing competition…

Got in a scrap with some scrotey kid on the army assault course
Bought a potato gun
Won the singing competition :1st_place_medal:

Great times.

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Ha I was gonna @ you earlier. Did you get a day off school for it too?


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Bag of crisps in a bowl, nice.


That’s a very Lincoln thing that, saves on the washing up.

Table tennis robots, commonly referred to as @eems

I like county shows. Going roughly every ten years gives me a greater appreciation, I would say


i have been to a grand total of ONE country show in Great Britain. it was in Stewarton, i believe. it was very wet that day, i can tell you for a fact.

Only cos I was a member of the Westgate Junior School Small Choir… not sure the rest of the kids got owt

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Lord Sugar!