hmmm, that was okay. Not a patch on anything off Smalhans though.

Prefer the one from forza horizon (no idea what it’s called but perfect for fake night time driving around Australia).

Smalhans is wonderful and Windings from last year was great; I love him when he takes his brand of space disco to deeper places. I wasn’t very keen on Runddans, though.

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Bumping this because I’ve just realised Where You Go I Go Too is ten years old this year.

One of my all time favourite records. Absolutely perfect and like absolutely nothing else I have ever heard.


Beltin’ album. He really peaked with that and ‘real life is no cool’.

He’s (apparently) unearthed some OG 2007 vinyl copies of WYGIGT in a warehouse. Get ‘em while you can, I guess…

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Still one of my favourite albums of all time

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