Line chat group for chatting music, making friends and swapping songs


I am hoping to build a line chat group for music lovers, or just people who want to make friends and have fun.
This will be a no stress zone for people to swap music, swap stories, build friendships or more.
Please come and share your unique taste in music.
To join just pm me on line id: jimmeyj1

Thank you.


What’s a line chat?


I have downloaded an app

Pls respond


Just request to join me in chat.
My id is. Jimmeyj1



Forget the 1


I have tried again james but with no success!!!


pls respond


James I appreciate you may not have the qualifications to help, so have contacted the LineChat support group to see if they can help with this problem.







Line chat?
I think this is
:slight_smile: :dark_sunglasses:
A fishing scam!