Line of Duty (Spoilers) - Series 6 from post 490

Hello, friends.

The last season of this was excellent so hopefully this season will be as good.

Anyone watch last night? I thought it was setting everything up very nicely before that fucking silly as fuck ending now I don’t know what to think…

First time I’ve seen it. Quite enjoyable.

I think it’s now against the law to hire Thandie Newton and not have her open her eyes at the end of a programme.

Catch up with the season before at least on Netflix, it was very good indeed

Disagree. That ending was so good I actually laughed out loud. Plenty of intrigue about next week now though isn’t there? Hope it starts with him just saying “Fuck it” and chopping away.

Nah man, always thought the procedural elements of this show were it’s strength, shooting it’s wad that early with a twist like that sets it up for something a bit more actiony IMO

In the last series they killed off two recurring characters over the course of the series and blew away the “main protagonist” in the first episode. In the series before they threw Jessica Raine out of a window in the first episode.

The action bit is always there. Obviously the procedural bit is on the way, but first they have to have an intrigue to solve, and “I forgot to file my homework properly because my boss was on my case” won’t cut it.

In fact now I think about it, I read an interview with Jed Mercurio last week, where he explicitly said that he made the first episodes of each series shocking, in order to get people hooked.

I only watched the series before tbf so I’ll bow to your extra knowledge innit, just felt very hokey to me

Really enjoyed it to be honest. I then watched Homeland, which was basically just a lot of people frowning and sulking.

Good meme (albeit a not entirely relevant one)

The fun is in that Line of Duty sounds a bit like Call of Duty.

Do you like pronouncing the word “duty” like “doodie” so it sounds like an American talking about poo?

No I say it in a really stilted Valleys accent, dew-tee

Each to their own!

I’m fully onboard with how silly this season has been now btw.

One-handed Thandie Newton coldly framing her husband for murder is my unexpected jam.

I didn’t watch the 1st 3 seasons - but am quite enjoying this

Jed Merwhatisface’s earlier series Bodies is very good indeed

Was about to give up on this ridiculous program 3 episodes in but that is one hell of a plot development. Did she lose her hand to scurvy or whatever it is that happens?

Think I’ve worked out who BC man etc is now though

Neil off of The Office is my working theory