Line of Duty (Spoilers) - Series 6 from post 490

You’re obvs not a person who cares about spoilers then?

Pretty much that, yeah.

me too - and he is either sleeping with or has something on Thandi to force her to help[ him

There’s only about three possible candidates for Balaclava Man, and Neil from the Office is as good a shout as anyone. Personally I’m hoping it’s a newly mobile Nigel, or maybe the kid from series one who’s spent the intervening period roiding himself up.

I was pissed last night and realize I have hardly any idea what happened in last night’s episode.

I’m thinking they might go fucking ultra ridiculous with it and make him big bastard police chief bastard man

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the other possibility. Then there’s beardy copper, and that’s about it.

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Of course one final possibility is that they won’t discover who BM is at all this series.

Aye, think that’ll probably be what happens tbh, this is one of those cases where I wish British shows gave themselves more than six episodes though

I don’t mind skipping ahead when I’m not enjoying something. Too many silly cliched things in LoD for me to get into it properly.

Is Neil from the Office police chief hat guy? Isn’t that Jamie from The Thick of It?

Separate guys innit. Neil from the Office has turned up as a shady lawyer in recent weeks

Ohhh ok. I’m hoping Michael Farmer’s solicitor gets more to do, best character in the series imho opinion.

I don’t understand how he looks like that

Family descended from badgers possibly.

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You accidentally grenade yourself and a child in America screams homophobic insults at you over a distorting headset

Still the wrong thing mate

I think that Big chief man will turn out to be the head of the corrupt ring thats been going on since day 1, but not be found out this series. Neil from the Office to be Balaclava Man.

I was absolutely furious that Thandie Newton didn’t appear as T****ie Newton in the credits after last night’s episode



Have you seen the episode?

I have, and I’ve just put two and two together and can now appreciate that post as the excellent joke that it was, apologies for my earlier idiocy.

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