Line of Duty (Spoilers) - Series 6 from post 490

Maybe this is how Ryan will get to continue. Using his notable knife skills he’ll chop the other bloke up and wear his face as a disguise for the rest of the series?

Looking forward.

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We shall see

The letter of the law, fella. The letter!


This is boring as fuck

Can imagine the crew letting off party streamers whenever he does one of his quips

Someone has to get murdered tonight.

Casually busting someone out of prison is it

Coppers really are slow to turnin up in an emergency.

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Neil from The Office!


He def told arnott in the van


Bringing everyone back!

Lindsay Denton for a cameo?

I must have been watching a different episode

Been watching the new series but never seen it before so not fully sure what’s going on. Starting to get into it though, will go back to the start soon.

Enjoying spotting all the Belfast locations

I go through that little graffiti covered tunnel all the time, gonna start keeping an eye out for secret police chats down there


I did enjoy the big reveal being “over the page”. He may as well have winked at the camera and said “we’ll tell you next week”

I am getting a bit lost with all this though, I feel I’m watching it like this sometimes:

It’s the top.poloce guy who was in the room with the top female police woman before yer man got told he was to take retirement.

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Ha, sorry I edited that just as you replied! That’s not who I would’ve expected tbh, but would be an interesting curveball!

Spent ages freeze framing it to see whose face it was.

It was Kelly Macdonald’s.