Line of Duty (Spoilers) - Series 6 from post 490

Watched every episode drunk and always fell asleep before the end


It was fine. Ending made pretty good sense all things considered. Nice effort.


The big man last night with the SBB story


Yeah I’ve seen some stuff online about the reveal being disappointing. I’m perfectly happy it was buckles all along it whatever, just don’t think the delivery was particularly good!


So after ALLLLLL that, they found out it was him cause he couldn’t spell definitely correctly?! But could spell other stuff fine? Or was he spelling it wrong on purpose as a little hint?

I’m not 100% sure I’d spell it correctly without autocorrect

I see quite a lot of people spell it “defiantly” bizarrely enough

Started watching Between the Lines (@bugduv) and a young Johnson from Peep Show just showed up.

Excellent round up.


Is it any good?

Who signed the order that got Kelly McDonald out of prison


If it’s that easy to get people out of prison, surprised the OCG didn’t spring Lee Banks and everyone else out.
I think they arrested at least 10 OCG members this series, didn’t see that fella with the big beard after the lock up

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Yeah deffp worth a watch (only watchdd 3 episodes). Is a bit dated and slightly dated and a bit different to Line of Duty so far as focuses mainly on one guy investigating different people/case each episode.

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It was signed by Lomax and Kate (to take her for an interview). Since Kate’s signature was obviously forged they assumed Lomax’s was too.

So the real H was the friends we made along the way?


I tried watching it and found the lead character unbearable so had to stop. Dated as you say. He hasn’t got the charm of Daft Steve when it comes to the ‘eye for the ladies’ :face_vomiting: type.

Enjoyed this. Took me ages to recognise him as Gordon from Two Doors Down so was then a bit disappointed he didn’t manage to sneak in a cheeky “There’s been a MURRRRDERR!”

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My mum’s been watching The Syndicate and, cheesefest that it might be, I’ll be damned if last’s nights finale wasn’t infinitely more satisfying than Line of Duty’s. Even had a bonus Neil Morrissey in prison scene!

This is a bit… :grimacing:

Hope he’s alright, must be depressing when you get a big negative reaction to something you worked hard on (I avoid this by never trying hard at anything, so I wouldn’t know)

Edit: jeez😅