What is it? People talk about “linen” like it’s a specific thing but, in my opinion, cotton is linen?

Made from different plants.

It’s flax not cotton

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Flax is a type of seed…

Why have cotton, when you can have flax?

So is cotton.

My local brewery tap is located in Old Flax Stores

No, cotton is like t-shirts, pants etc

Fern is a plant and cotton is a material but Fearne Cotton is a ‘personality’

Yeah, this is an interesting point actually

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Linen eye Joe

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It’s our linen wedding anniversary tomorrow apparently

All the best x

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Des Linen


Do you know what, I don’t even really care what linen is. We can close this down.

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I only made it to cotton but if tones right and it’s the same I’m claiming 4 years of marriage instead of 2

Went out earlier to buy a linen based gift before realising I didn’t know what linen was, so ended up with nothing. Hopefully doesn’t reduce the chances of making it to wood, as that should be easier.

Love linen bedding, hate linen ironing (obviously never done this, iron is ornamental only)

Bet it will be you filth bag